welcome to the wig party


So as been a hairdresser and just been Max you will know I have an absolute obsession with hair! And the fact I’ve got to lose all my hair again has got me so angry because literally the week before my diagnosis, I went and had my first ever hair cut and i finally got it into that lovely bouncy bob style! So this time I am going all out on wigs and i mean all out, i’m going to have a wig for every mood that i’m in.

I have blue, pink, red, grey, brunette, blonde, ginger also waiting for another copper and very pale blue one!

So i’m going to do a blog about all the wigs I buy and upload a load of pictures for you all to look at.

the blue one, i am planning to use this for cervical cancer awareness month

I want to make this as fun as possible losing your hair is an awful thing to go through so let’s balance it out and get some amazing wigs, some new makeup and eyelashes and make a right glam do up!! I’m really wanting to change the negative into something fun and positive and show we can still be a rock star with our wigs!

This is a blue mermaid wig i have got for the days that i want to feel like a mermaid this is the darker shade of teal i got out of the two, it was curly but i decided to straighten it as it looked better i thought, and guess what i love it, its just so different to what i would ever have!

So this is my second blue wig this is alot lighter and has lots of curls in them, this i think is my fave of all time!!!

so i can completely change my look again from long to short as you can see my cat really liked the one that was the same colour as her hair, toffee you are a one my little queen!

I absolutely adore this wig as well i feel like i can wear it every day these wigs i got are such good quality and they only cost £30 of amazon. I’m so happy with them as i can create a different look every day.


So this is the wig i got from the christies and i love it so so much its so well made and it’s my everyday feel like Max wig, this is my safe one #the old reliable.

And when i want to be a bit extra i will get the long and red out .

So i hope you enjoyed all my pictures of all my wigs because i certainly enjoyed doing my makeup and trying on all my wigs and using all my filters and editing skills to really get the pictures to stand out! so please lets turn losing our hair into something we can manage and put our personality into as you can see i have quite a few, but the main thing is, is to keep happy and motivated when its time for the hair loss, remember my queens and kings, it will return, but don’t put so much pressure on your self to have it grown back so quick and to wack extensions in (like i did) the min it grows a few inches, embrace the new you, the person who battled cancer, and rang that bell at the end of chemo treatment, your hair or your beautiful bald head are your crowns where them with pride!

Love Max & the Unknown


One thought on “welcome to the wig party

  1. Max you look beautiful with any hairstyle ginger, bald, blue, curly, crop, or natural, your beauty outshines all that. Hope you are feeling better after your stay in hospital, you are so strong and an inspiration to so many I hope you realise how many hearts you have touched and I really enjoy reading your blogs if theres anything I can do to help please ask. Thinking about you everyday Charmaine xxx


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