Don’t forget about you

Don’t forget about you!🌷 Sometime we forget to look after ourselves but it’s so important to love ourselves! I’ve set up a important routine where I make self feel good about myself as I find that helps with anxiety and depression. Self care works on the outside and in, so treat yourself. You are important!


So my face has decided to get acne bloody great just before I get married in 3 months. So lucky for me my lovely doctor has helped me out And gave me an amazing cream to help calm it down!

Also update on health apparently my weight is coming down too much and I have to see some one about it. A nutritionist 🙂 see how that goes but still not eating meat as it actually puts me in pain for a few days after.

Also getting scan anxiety as thats all next week. I’m in hospital every day next week it’s going to be awful for me. So expect lots of moaning on here soon 😆😆😆

Anyways hope your all doing good and looking after your selfs.

Luv maxandtheunknown


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