Having to do my will

Something that I thought I wouldn’t have to do yet only been 31 but as I’ve been diagnosed with a incurable illness, I needed to sort my will out. As daunting task as it is, it’s so important to do it. Even if you don’t have a Illness. As I’ve seen in the past families missing out or people not been fair with deceased possessions as a lot of people want comfort from their loved ones! As sometimes people turn greedy and mean and don’t do the kind or nice things. Ie won’t give pictures of family! And believe you think you know someone but when someone dies you see the true colours, and that’s not happening to all the people I love and care for. So get your will and life insurance done guys. I won’t be aloud life insurance now because I’ve been told I’m gonna drop dead in a few years. Also I really wanting to sort out my funeral as I don’t want my family struggling with it. I would think it must be awful to sort it out for them and if I can take as much as I can on the chin then I will. Just love my family so much wish I could take the pain with me, but life can be cruel and it certainly has been to me. But other hand it’s been so kind as giving two beautiful and amazing children. And a man who loves me so I can’t complain too much. But I think In a way it’s advantage knowing your going to die you can plan things and make sure you do lots of wonderful things before you go and create away memories, which Thankyou to everyone who has donated to me I am able to do so. As this Illness has taken my career off me and unable to work as much as I like. So I’m only making a small amount which is awful as it stops you been able to do the things you want to and leaves you stuck in a lot. But there as many wonderful things you can do for free and can make wonderful memories under your own roof.

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