Round 5


Today is a scary day. Even in the chemo wards everyone is coughing even I am. But I have no temp or fever or struggling to breath. But we got to carry on our fight even tho COVID 19 is everywhere. I’ve been told I might not get my next one as the virus is getting worse. I’ve been told to come in gloves and mask and shocked to see so many haven’t. So many people aren’t disinfecting their hands. crazy. Keep safe.

Treatment isn’t too bad but I’m seriously struggling with bad anxiety I’m finding it so so hard to deal with. Especially having a chemo that I’m allergic To. So my head is a serious mess. And you can tell everyone else is too.

But aghhhh the menopause symptoms are destroying me on a mega level they won’t give me treatment for it as it causes blood clots. So I’ve just gotta wait this one out and it’s getting worse as this treatment is been pumped into me. Wow it’s like been in a steam room mega mega hot and sweating every where!

So it’s a scary time for everyone and now we have COVID 19 to battle with to. It’s not good the world has gone wild and we can hardly get food. They’ve stopped delivering food so now I can’t get any. Good I got plenty of rice, pasta and beans other wise I’ll be starving. And thankfully people have been dropping off food on door step.

But please listen to what the gov are telling you this isn’t a joke or something to make a joke about. People are loosing their life’s everyday form this virus. And it’s healthy people to not just people with underlying health problems. The Christie Hospital are doing amazing and testing everyone’s temp before they step towards the hospital! I’m hoping in a few months this will all be over and we will be safe again.

But I hope people are ok and keeping strong

Luv max

Round 5

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