Cancer, Chemo and the Covid.

Devastating that we’ve all been effected and hit with this awful disease covid 19. Health workers are putting there life at risk everyday trying to battle this disease and unfortunately a lot of people have been taken before their time.

We all stand outside or at our doors or windows to clap for the nhs every Wednesday, we realise what’s important in our life’s and how precious life is, we have given work life a break (some of us) and able to stay with our families. Where as some have to exclude them selfs to keep their families safe. We’re all going through a hard time! It especially upsets me seeing how upset my mum and Dave is getting not been able to cuddle George and Mia. There dad isn’t even been able to see them. All because i have cancer and on chemo. We have to isolate and shield everyone.

I never thought this would happen while I’m going through chemo. It’s really put the cherry on top of the cake. I was scared of people having a normal cough and cold around me never mind this. But the hospitals have been fantastic and I have now finally finished chemo! But it still hasn’t stopped me going into hospital as I fell down the stairs and busted my leg. So I had to get my brother and sister Inlaw to take me to hospital to get a X-ray as the doctors were worried I damaged something. But no just bruised muscle that really hurt to the point I couldn’t put any pressure on. Not even my pain relief took all the pain away. But never mind I’m still here.

But otherwise I’ve just been stuck in bed. But the kids have been fantastic through this crisis they have been gardening with mike. Been showing them how to cook. Trying to teach them how to read and write. But Doing maths with them make you need a glass of wine after. (Joke) they love to do art and I’m trying to teach Mia to sew. George has absolutely no interest! Yes I’ve gone and treated my self to a singer I have been keeping very very busy making clothes. Well trying to make them. I’ll keep you updated on that one. And also embroidery 🧵 it’s the most mentally pleasing hobbies I’ve done yet. I’m trying to make a magical garden. For mike as he loves gardening!

But other wise I’m just resting and getting strong again. As I don’t know what I’ve got to do next with my journey but I’m just enjoying family time at the moment and trying to keep safe indoors.

Hope your all safe

Lots of love Max

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