Coping Mechinisms

So I’m sitting here with my nose strip on waiting for it to dry before I get rid of all those nasty blocked up pores as only it was that easy to remove all the other unwanted things from your body and soul!!! And just my luck i have a cat hair stuck to the strip and it keeps on tickling my nose, i can’t even put a nose strip on without something pissing me off!!!

But anyways i thought i would share some of my coping mechanisms with going through, but also living with cancer and the lock down!


  1. Arts and crafts, I’ve begun to do embroidery. This seriously helps me with my nervous hands, as I can’t keep still and I’ve always got to be doing something with them, even when I’m talking I’m waving them about everywhere!
  2. The playstation- yes im a gamer always have been since I was a child, i love a good game that seriously keeps your mind away from your troubles, it doesn’t solve your problems but if you need a mental break a good game will help take your mind off it! I love to play zombies vs plants, as all the family can join in this game and have a really good laugh, but when it’s night time i love to play the old fashion DOOM on pc!
  3. Keep sparkling- new cleaning routine,i treated myself with a aload of new products from the body shop that I smother all over myself because making myself look better makes me feel better!!! Also applying eyebrows makes me look human again.
  4. Also a lot more reading, but rather than reading adult books I’ve bought all the Mr Men and Peter rabbit collections which are an amazing price on the internet atm! So we all love to sit down as a family and do story time. It brings calmness and of course lovely memories to think about!
Some embroidery I’ve been doing 😊

But you don’t have to exactly what i do i’m just telling you what helps me and hope it inspires you to help yourself but remember these important life skills that i take very seriously 

Focus and self control 

Taking on challenges 


Self awareness


Creative thinking 

Critical thinking 

Decision making 

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes 

I believe all this helps to a better wellbeing, remember only you can do this for you and there is nothing wrong with self love, it took me a long time to accept being kind to myself! It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and battles of self destruction! But i can honestly say i am happy even tho ive got cancer, but i just look around at my beautiful children and see that i’ve got everything that i’ve ever wanted, i always just wanted to be loved and wanted and now that is what i feel and i’m finally feel mental peace a lot more, obviously i still have flashbacks of trauma in the past, but im getting therapy to help me with that and to manage them emotions, cancer has brought a lot of past tramura back to the surface, as the cancer makes me feel out of control of my life, like the trauma in the past made me feel the same!!! 

Remember you are not alone in this crazy life, there are lots of people who feel the same or going through a similar situation! Reach out and speak to people! And I always answer emails and messages if you ever need a natter!!!

Please everyone keep safe! Mentally and physically.

We’ve got this 

Lv max xox

Feeling more confident

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