Treatment denied

So as this covid is literally destroying everything. It’s also killing all the sick and old with people not actually catching COVID.

We’ve been left to die slowly.

We’ve had our chance to fight taken away

We had our human rights taken away

And nothing isn’t getting done about it! Why?

Do you think it’s murder? Because I do. And so do many other people!

Do people not realise the backlash of this?

How is the nhs going to cope with all the diagnoses when the hospitals open back up?

How many people are going to die because they aren’t getting treatment?

How many people’s cancer is going to spread even more?

How many people are going to be suffering?

I’ve never been so disgusted in my whole life. I can’t believe how we don’t matter. They will treat Covid but not cancer! Doesn’t make sense.

You can go to the pub get drunk fall over and break your arm go hospital and get treatment, but if you get cancer you can’t get treatment. I didn’t ask for cancer. But now I realise how unimportant my life is.

My children will lose their mum a lot sooner because of this.

A lot of people are going to lose their loved ones so much sooner.

Hello dark ages 👋🏼


2 thoughts on “Treatment denied

  1. Hey! Just to say, I’ve been reading some of your posts and I really admire your positivity and strength 💕 keep holding out xxx


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