Hey just a catch up

Hey guys I really have nothing interesting to say just telling you all I’m still alive.

I seriously need to start making better health choices. My food consumption is a joke. No eating all day and just a can of coke then a takeaway at night. I’m absolutely disgusted and very disappointed in myself because i have no motivation at all. But we’re all like this. I thought with Covid I would have a beautiful house, “clean” eating, yoga body ready! But I’m just a untoned vegetable who watches cats on YouTube 🙈🙈🙈 help me I need a inspiration? But to be fair yesterday we all went on a big family walk.

But on the good side my sex life is banging. So don’t let the menopause and cervical cancer let you think it’s all over because it’s seriously not. Just thought I would tell you all that as I know it’s a big worry for us all.

I’m legit yawning all the time I’m so bored of my self. I look like A blow up sex doll all the time with my gob open 😘.

My spirit doll

So aims and goals for max and the uknown.

  • Stop been a fat f**king slob

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