Been too long

So here I am, still here just about! And fuck me I’ve been through some utter dog shit!

Where to begin so at the beginning of the year my cervical cancer returns and leaves me in having to start all my treatments once again but for a longer time. 6 rounds of cell death!

After these 6 rounds I get amazing news my cancer is there NED (no evidence of disease)

So life starts carrying on as normal as it can be. Even with all this covid and it’s lockdown. Which was for ever! I tell you what I don’t think I’ve ever been on the loopy train so much at that point in my life, all I could do was sit in my bed and recover, no nice walks or little cafe stop offs, aS we were driving through Cheadle the other day I was super pissed off to see that my fave cafe has been shut down. (Covid)

So as time goes on I start getting pains really bad pains down below, and I know it can only be one thing, and that one thing begins with C

So i leave a message with my doctors receptionist basically saying I’ve got “THEM” pains again! So lucky I get booked in with a scan to check things out and yes it’s returned! But there is hope I have a trial I can get on, but because of Covid the trials were all put on hold and we were having to wait, which took along time. About 6 months with has played havoc with my body!

I seriously Can’t favom what has happened to myself and many others across the world, it’s mass murder #genocide. Tell me I’m wrong? The back lash of treatments that’s have been put on hold is going to be gross and filling up the crematoriums!

People who are early stages will become progressed or even terminal stages before they are seen, as the government has scared people that much they are paranoid to even go to the doctors.

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