The kidney

So I think you can all tell how badly this one is going to be!?

“THE BASTARD” the new name for my cancer this is well and truly trying to F my life up again. I went to sent Ann’s for a lovely rest and manger my pain something I thought simple. Oh no no! Only 24 hours there a rushed off to blimey hospital to get emergency surgery on my kidney as the cancer is completely crushing my tubes. I have to a pee bag stuff up my Mary. Kindest way I could put it. And then and tube rammed into though my back through to my kidneys and now after a very traumatic 24 hours I’m no longer screaming In pain.

Now more details. The pain of a bad kidney makes you scream. They gave me the offering if I would like to just leave it to die or if I can keep it going and fighting back, they recommend me saving my kidney as it will make my treatments work better in future so of course I choose that, I’m here fighting this horrid disease and I’m gonna Piss it off my doing things to keep me here for longer as I have now a husband [yes I got married) , obv the two darling kids in my life and the rest of my family.

I did get a horrid injection after causing myself to get a massive spike in my temp and had to be cliched out with antibiotics! But seriously on the mend.

I’m feeling ok. It’s not to bad to have a nephrostomy, the doctors did a great job and very Quick and professional.

Image result for having a tube in your kidney

A nephrostomy is a thin, plastic tube (catheter) that is inserted through the skin on your back and into your kidney. Some people may have a catheter into each kidney. The nephrostomy drains urine from one or both kidneys into a collecting bag outside your body. The bag has a tap so you can empty it.

So I hope makes you understand everything I’m going through at the moment. It’s been a rocky road and a painful one at that but still here hanging on by a tube lol.

Really don’t know what I would do with out the NHS and it’s staff the surgical staff and doctors were amazing. We need to treasure the hospitals as they are the only hope for our future.

P.s. hospital food has been awful can’t wait to get out and back to saint Ann’s to get some grub. Yes mean of me I know. But my god they gave me a boiled potato 🥔 when I asked for a baked one so dinner was ruined. lol it did make me giggle so the food still made me happy.

There will be many more updates on this tube due it been the new friend in my life I have. I can’t believe how comfortable it is, it’s definitely not one of those medical emergencies to worry about my loves.

Lots of love 💓

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